25 Best Google Web Fonts for Headlines

I have earlier published a list of 10 best Google web fonts for paragraphs. As you know, ‘Google web fonts’ is becoming the number one choice for designers for high quality web fonts. The main reasons for being it so popular is its good quality, fast loading and easy integration. But the best part is that it is an open source project and you are completely free to use it for your personal or commercial projects. I love free web fonts and am sure you also do.

Here I am listing the 25 best Google web fonts which are all professional and great for your headlines and titles. The total number of fonts available in Google web fonts directory is 600+ at the time of writing this blog. Out of these, I have hand-picked these 25 fonts which will be perfect fit for your headings and save you a lot of your time. Being web fonts, these are compatible with all browsers, operating systems and devices.

You can view the screenshot of these fonts below. If you click on it, you will be redirected to the Google Web Fonts for viewing the specimen.

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Julius Sans One

Poiret One




Maven Pro

Josefin Sans

Nova Square


Francois One

Fjord One

Jockey One








Josefin Slab





To preview these fonts in Google Web Fonts review window, click here.

To preview, add style and get CSS code for implementing these fonts in your website or blog, Go to Google Web Fonts Previewer.

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