High PR do follow social Bookmarking sites list 2013

One of the best methods to increase your Google PageRank (PR) and improve search engine rankings for your website is to get back links from reputed and authority websites. Back links are like a vote to your content and if the reputation of the website linking to yours is high, you will get a higher ranking in search results. Reputation of the websites is evaluated as PageRank by Google which ranges from 0 to 10. New websites starts with 0 PR and as they start getting back links, their PR increases. The authority websites like twitter and Google has a PR of 10.

The key is to get as many backlinks as possible from the high PR websites. But it is extremely difficult also. Unless you have a really useful content, no website with good PR will link to you. In this scenario, the best way to get backlinks is through the social bookmarking websites which have high PRs.

Now there is a catch! Not all backlinks will be beneficial for your rank improvement. There are two types of backlinks – follow and no-follow. You won’t get any benefit if any website links to you with ‘nofollow’ attribute. Most of the websites adopt the ‘nofollow’ linking policy for the backlinks in the comments section. So, you should make sure that you are putting your efforts to get backlinks from websites which have a do-follow backlinking policy.


Why you should put your contents on social bookmarking websites?

Bookmarking websites not only provide you with a free link but also send targeted visitors to your website. And if your link is promoted and gets viral, you can expect a sudden jump in your website traffic. If your website is having quality contents, most probably you will be retaining some percentage of these new visitors. That is why, apart from creating quality contents, it is also recommended to submit your contents to the relevant social bookmarking websites. In recent years, this is one the best SEO approach and it will continue to be so in 2013 also.

High PR do follow social bookmarking websites list

Now that you understand why you should only focus on the social bookmarking sites which have a high PR and who provide do follow back links; I am presenting here the list of top 20 such websites for you. Apart from the PR, I am also indicating their Alexa rank for you to get some idea about the website popularity and number of visitors to these websites.

  1. Reddit.com                  PR:8     Alexa Rank:132
  2. Digg.com                    PR:8     Alexa Rank:681
  3. Technorati.com             PR:8     Alexa Rank:1641
  4. Slashdot.org                PR:8     Alexa Rank :1934
  5. Delicious.com              PR:8     Alexa Rank:699
  6. Chime.in                    PR:8     Alexa Rank:5369    (No Follow)
  7. Pinterest.com             PR:8     Alexa Rank:35
  8. Squidoo.com              PR:7     Alexa Rank:220
  9. Fark.com                   PR:7     Alexa Rank:2758    (No Follow)
  10. Newsvine.com            PR:7     Alexa Rank:3708
  11. Multiply.com              PR:7     Alexa Rank:718
  12. Diigo.com                 PR:7     Alexa Rank:1344
  13. designfloat.com          PR:7     Alexa Rank:9294
  14. Metafilter.com           PR:7     Alexa Rank:3386
  15. Dzone.com               PR:6     Alexa Rank:3199
  16. blinklist.com               PR:6     Alexa Rank:4706
  17. folkd.com                  PR:6     Alexa Rank:3160
  18. Current.com              PR:6     Alexa Rank:9519
  19. Kwoff.com                 PR:6     Alexa Rank:19970
  20. BuddyMarks.com         PR:5     Alexa Rank:7186

There is no doubt that submitting your contents to these websites will increase your PR and boost your traffic. But make sure you are not posting junk links or contents which are not related to the niche. Otherwise, there is a strong chance that your account or website will be blocked and you will not be allowed to submit links any further.

While putting efforts to improve your ranking and getting backlinks are fine, I strongly recommend you not to waste much of your time doing this. Instead devote your time to create quality and useful contents which will automatically generate interest and back links to your websites. If your contents are good enough, others will also start submitting your contents to these social sharing sites for you. This will be a win-win situation – you get a good ranking and have enough time to focus on creating quality contents.

Have a good luck and share with us which websites work best for you.

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