Web Tutorial Plus HTML Color Picker

Use this Hex Color Picker to quickly select the desired hexadecimal (HEX) Color Codes for your web page.
Pick the HTML Color by moving vertical slider and selecting the desired color from the color picker box.
Use radio buttons to change the Hex Color Code selection scheme. This will help to you to choose the exact HTML color code for your website.

Web Safe Colors

If you want to use only web safe color codes for your HTML document, just click inside the below textbox and select desired html color from the popped-up color code box. These are all web-safe colors compatible with older browsers and computer screens.

Click in textbox to select web safe Color Code: #

HTML Colors - about color codes

There are three primary colors in HTML - Red, Green and Blue (RGB). All the other colors displayed in a website are made of only these three primary colors.

The primary colors are blended with each other in varying amount to build millions of colors. The saturation of primary colors (RGB) is defined in numeric values from 0 (lowest) to 255 (highest). If you want to get red color output, the numeric value of 'R' (Red) will be 255, while each of 'G' (Green) and 'B' (Blue) will be 0. For white, the numeric value for all three colors will be 255 and for black it will be 0.

In HTML, the most common method to define colors is Hexadecimal system i.e. with three pairs of two alpha-numeric characters starting with '#. In hexadecimal system, 0 is defined by '00' and 255 is defined by 'FF'. Hence, the HTML color codes are:
Red - #FF0000, Green - #00FF00 and Blue - #0000FF

Let's now create a few color codes!

HTML Color Codes

Color (R,G,B) Color Code (#RRGGBB) Color
255,0,0 #FF0000 RED
0,255,0 #00FF00 GREEN
0,0,255 #0000FF BLUE
255,255,255 #FFFFFF WHITE
0,0,0 #000000 BLACK
255,255,0 #FFFF00 YELLOW

Defining Colors in web pages

HTML Colors with Names

Colors are defined in three different styles in a webpage. The most simple is to write the name of the color directly like style="background-color:Red;". However, it is not possible to remember the name of many colors. Few HTML colors names which you can use directly are:

Aqua Black
Blue Gray
Green Lime
Maroon Navy
Orange Purple
Red Silver
White Yellow

HTML Colors with 'rgb' values

Second method to define HTML color in a webpage is to use the values of primary colors which is represented as rgb(RED, GREEN, BLUE) with range from 0 to 255 for each color. For example, Red is defined as rgb(255,0,0).
However, it is not recommended to use this format because still there are many web browsers which do not interpret 'rgb' values.
Defining Colors with Hexadecimal System
As already mentioned, the most common way to define HTML color is to use hexadecimal system. It may look a little difficult at the beginning, but it is very flexible and used widely.

Using HTML Colors in Web pages

Mostly, HTML color codes are used in defining font colors, background colors, border colors, heading colors, link colors, etc. For most of these, you may define the color by 'style' attribute of that tag. Here are some examples: