2 Important Factors for a Successful Website which are often ignored

There are several factors which decide the success of your website. Quality content, search engine optimization, promotions in social media, site maps, fresh content at regular interval, etc. all play a vital role for any website to become popular and successful.

Today, I am going to discuss about the two most important aspects which largely impacts the success of your website but often ignored or not given much importance.  These are website design and page loading time. I will discuss why these are so important and what you can do to optimize these quickly.

Web Design

One of the most important factors to retain the new visitors to your website is the web design. Design has gain great importance in web world as it is observed that people focus on the visuals pretty much. If your design impresses them, they will become your regular visitor.

Remember the days when people used to create basic HTML websites and had not many options to form attractive web designs or graphics. But these days’ latest software offer great deal of functionalities and tools using which web and graphic designers are creating highly effective and creative designs. The basic thing behind any design is its idea and the most important concern is to implement that idea. If you don’t have designing skills and proper tools, you might not be able to implement your design.

How you can quickly improve Web Design

To quickly enhance the design of your website, you should concentrate first on the illustration and visuals.

Most people, who don’t have time or skill, outsource the design work to the professional web designers like www.fusionvegas.com, for example. But here at Web Tutorial Plus, I will always recommend you to get the required skills to create stunning visuals. If you learn to create visuals yourself, it will prove to be a great asset for you.

Keep in mind: while doing your design, always mach your decisions with marketing plan. Better to make your designers to work in a team with professional marketers, for example, Bluehat Marketing.

If you can imagine how your website should look like, I will recommend you to learn some software which will help you to draw that imagination.

Variety of designing tools and software are available in the market and different designers have their own preferences based on which they choose their desired software. The most popular graphic design software is Adobe Illustrator. Adobe is well recognized company which offers software related to web design and development such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and more.

These days’ designers are utilizing vector graphics and illustrations to enhance their designs, and to add more attraction to their web pages. Most professional designers are well versed with Adobe illustrator which lets them design highly professional and high quality graphics.


Illustrator provides you numerous tools with great deal of control so that you can draw the desired objects very accurately. Its transformation feature allows you to transform various objects in order to create another distinct object. You can also create vector objects using pen tool and Bezier controls. In addition to that it also has great features like controlling effects and appearances, graphic styles, image management and preparation of web and print documents.

Website Loading Speed

Website page loading time is also a very important factor for the success of your website. If your website is slow, it will not be frequently indexed by Google and Bing impacting the search positions. And even if somebody finds your web page in search result and it takes more time to load; he will immediately go back. Remember, there are many more websites which provides the similar contents as yours and everybody is in a hurry to find what he or she is looking for. So nobody will wait if your website loads slow.

It has been my personal experience to suffer due to high page loading time. Once I improved the website speed, I quickly started to see rise in my web traffic.

How you can quickly improve the website loading time

Most of the time, the culprit of the slow website speed is the web hosting company. Many people make the same mistake what I did; assuming that a good domain name Registration Company would also be experts of web hosting. As you create a graphic rich website, you should also get proper support from web host with low page loading time.

Your web hosting needs will vary primarily based on your website size and number of visitors you are expecting, as mentioned at hostingaffinity.com. For small websites with a few hundred daily page views; it is better to go with shared hosting plans. But if you are planning for a corporate, social media or e-commerce website; it is better to go with a dedicated server.

If you find that your website loading time is slow in spite of optimization of codes and images; it’s time to change the web host. You can check the average page loading time with Google Webmaster Tools and if it is more than 2 seconds, you need to take action. I understand it is painful to get all your files and database transferred to new location but a good web hosting company will help you easily do this.


In my view, these two are very important aspects for your website’s success and need your attention. With the tips above, you can quickly make necessary changes to optimize your web design and page loading time. Start working on these and see the traffic getting boost up.

Source: Driven Web Services.

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