Want to improve Alexa rank – Use CommentLuv

You may wonder what the relation of Alexa rank with CommentLuv is. How come CommentLuv will increase the Alexa rank? Well, let me start by saying that there is a strong relationship between Alexa rank and CommentLuv and if you install CommentLuv you will see a rapid improvement in the Alexa rank of your website.

Let’s start with knowing about Alexa rank and CommentLuv.

What is Alexa Rank

Alexa is a subsidiary company of Amazon which provides the traffic data for the most visited websites in the world. Alexa provides the ranking of the websites based on the traffic data it receives from the Alexa toolbars. Currently Alexa provides the score of about 30 million websites in the world. Alexa rank means the global ranking of your website based on the 3 months traffic data (both the number of visitors and number of page views).


Alexa rank is an important factor for your website. Many of your perspective advertisers will look out for this rank. It is still treated as the website traffic potential. Apart from that many CPM network will allow you to join only when you have a lower Alexa rank. If you see the websites with lower Alexa ranks, you will find that most of these websites actually attract a large number of website traffic and have quality contents. At the same time, most of these are updated frequently.

Having said that let me also make it clear that Alexa ranking is not accurate. It is good if you wish to compare your website with competitors or want to know about the keywords, but you should not take it very seriously to determine the number of visitors. Even if your blog has lesser number of traffic than your competitors, you can still have much better Alexa rank. Installing CommentLuv is one of the methods to improve it. How? I will explain it in a moment.

What is CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a comment management system which can be installed to your WordPress blog with CommentLuv plugin. CommentLuv  provides excellent anti-spam mechanism meaning that you will encounter with very less spam comments once you install it. But the main reason behind CommentLuv being so popular is that you will start seeing tons of comments coming in.


How does CommentLuv help to improve the number of comments? Actually, with every comment, it allows the commentators to provide a link back to their latest post. This helps the commentators to get the back-link and extra traffic to their websites. This motivates them to comment more and more on CommentLuv enabled websites. Apart from the link, it also allows commentators to promote their social networking accounts. This is a win-win situation both for blogger and commentator. Blogger gets feedback and comment about the post and increased reader base. Commentator on the other hand gets back-link, social media promotion and targeted traffic to their websites.

Relationship between Alexa Rank and CommentLuv

As I told you Alexa rank is not accurate. This is because it relies on the alexa toolbars installed on visitor computers. Alexa collects the details about the website traffic only from the users who have installed Alexa toolbars. That means it is biased and ranks those websites better which are visited more by the users who have installed Alexa toolbars.

Now, this is the catch. No prizes for guessing that for better Alexa rank you need to have more number of traffic and page views. But your Alexa Rank will depend only on the visitors with alexa toolbar.

So this is the relationship! You don’t expect average internet surfer to install Alexa toolbar. In-fact, most of the internet surfers have no idea about it. It is installed primarily by the bloggers and webmasters who want to track the ranking of their own websites. So, even if you have a slight increase in the traffic from this lot of audience, you see a dramatic increase in alexa rank.

And one of the best methods to increase the visitors from this lot is to install CommentLuv. By installing CommentLuv you are attracting the fellow bloggers and webmasters who want to promote their websites by leaving a link with the comment. If you see CommentLuv enabled blogs, you will find that most of the comments are only from the people who have their own website or want to promote some other website.

So, if you wish to increase the Alexa Rank, go and install the CommentLuv on your blog. This is not a hypothesis, I have personally seen many websites who are ranking below 50,000 with less than 500 visitors per day with CommentLuv installed. Don’t believe me, see for yourself. I don’t want to list these websites here but this is very true.

Why I still don’t use CommentLuv

This is true that after installing CommentLuv you will see the following:

  1. Increase in number of comments
  2. Increase in number of visitors
  3. Increase in Alexa Rank
  4. Improved visibility of your website
  5. Increased interest from visitors and advertisers for advertising, sponsored posts, reviews, etc.

But I still don’t want to install it. Here are the reasons:

  1. CommentLuv attracts the comments from the people who want to promote their links. But I am more interested in getting real feedback and comment from the people who are really getting benefitted from my website.
  2. I am interested in tracking the genuine Alexa rank. I feel very much satisfied when I see even the slight improvement in this ranking due to my efforts.
  3. I don’t want to keep my advertisers, perspective partners and visitors in dark. I don’t want to show them the rosy picture which is actually not there.

Well, I am not against CommentLuv and this is just my thinking.

In short, if you install CommentLuv, you are going to see a major improvement in your Alexa rank. All the best!

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