Best AdSense Alternatives for your Website in 2013

Whenever it comes to monetizing your website or blog, the first option you look out is to get Google AdSense account. Sure, AdSense is the best choice for bloggers because you get instant access to the large pool of advertisements available for your niche. Just implement the AdSense code and everything else is taken care by Google. Whether you have a great website with thousands of visitors or a micro website with highly defined niche with limited targeted visitors, AdSense should fulfill your ad publishing requirements. Google AdSense is used all across the world for many-many years by countless publishers and offers good CPC. You get the most relevant and useful advertisement for your website which are more likely be clicked by your visitors.

adsense-alternativesNow this was the rosy story about AdSense. However, getting AdSense account approved is not an easy task these days. You better read my story on AdSense Account Approval which describes the requirements and how difficult it is now a days. To top of it, if you belong to south Asian countries like IndiaChina or Pakistan; your website or blog must be more than 6 months old, even if you fulfill all their requirements. Even after getting approval, if you violate any rule or do something wrong, your account may immediately get disabled. Forget about real violation, even if Google suspects any potential violation, they will disable your AdSense account without any warning. You will just receive an automated email from Google stating that your account has been disabled for so and so reasons. In short, no one is secure and one fine morning (or not so fine one), you may find that your AdSense account is no longer active. And yes, getting banned from Google AdSense is mostly permanent and you don’t really get a second chance! At this time, you may feel highly disappointed; after all, the major source of your online income is vanished in no time.

So what to do next after your Google AdSense account got disabled or disapproved? Or what if your website is fairly new and you are still not ready for application?

Good news is that this is not the end of world and there are lots of alternatives to AdSense which can help you to start/restore your earnings. Of course, you need to invest some time and do a little experiment before you settle with the most suitable ad network for your website. Here I am listing top ad networks which compete with Google AdSense and can very well be considered as the best AdSense alternatives. Most of these ad networks are the best choice for Indian Publishers also.


infolinksFor most of web publishers (especially small ones), Infolinks is the number one alternative to Google AdSense. This is because of its high CPC rates and earnings quite comparable to AdSense. There is no restriction on traffic volume and almost all the websites will get approved by Infolinks within 24 hours. This is in-text advertisement program, where some of the texts in your article or post will get clickable and you get the incentive for each click. This is especially very useful for the blogs and websites which are descriptive and text rich.

The set up for Infolinks in your website is really simple. After integrating Infolinks, your website will be crawled and you will start to see the text links in your web pages as per the matched keywords in your content.

The only drawback I find with Infolinks is that your visitors may get annoyed with the pop ups coming up whenever your mouse roll over the links. But at the same time, Infolink ads do not take up any space in your website and you can provide additional contents there.

You can withdraw your money from PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer and by using Infolinks debit cards. The minimum payment is $50 for PayPal and debit cards and $300 for Bank Wire Transfer.

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konteraKontera is the second AdSense alternative to choose for after Infolinks. Like Infolinks, kontera is also an in-text advertising network. However, it is best suited for website with heavy traffic. If your traffic volume is less, better stick to Infolinks. Kontera bots will crawl your website to find out the keywords which match the keywords in their database. The ads will be displayed based on the matched keywords from your contents.

Kontera offers a good CPC and you can earn a decent amount if you have a huge traffic. However, sometimes the page loading time may get adversely affected. You have the option to withdraw your money from PayPal, cheque and electronic fund transfer. The Minimum Payout by Kontera is $50.

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mediaMy third recommendation is as the best AdSense alternative. It has contextual ad program just like AdSense. It means, the ads appearing on your website will be closely related to your contents. You have the option to select the ad size and ad type as per your requirement and customize it to perfectly blend to your website.

It is a little difficult to get approved by, but if your website has original quality contents and adhere to the guidelines (which by the way is very similar to AdSense), your application should get approved. With, you get the excellent CPC if your visitors are mainly from US, UK and Canada. A few publishers claim to get even better earnings with than AdSense.

The minimum payout by is $100 through wire transfer or PayPal.

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buyselladsIf your website or blog has a huge traffic, BuySellAds can be the best alternative to Google AdSense. It has really great earning potential for popular and high volume websites. As the name suggests, you can buy or sell ads on websites with BuySellAds.

As a publisher, you need to first create the ad space on your website. Based on the website popularity, advertisers will bid for that space and you get an advertising initiation from BuySellAds. If you accept this proposal; 75% of earnings by BuySellAds from this advertisement will be passed to you. Here you don’t have any restriction on minimum withdrawal and you can transfer your earnings twice a month to your PayPal account. Unlike AdSense, it is a CPM network, here you earn based on the number of ads impression (not ad click).

Only catch here is you should have a website with real good volume of traffic. You can go through my experience of getting BuySellAds approval.

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ChitikaChitika is again one of the top alternatives to Google AdSense for small publishers. If you have a website or blog which is new, you can apply for Chitika and they will normally approve you within 24 hours.

You can easily select and customize the size and type of Chitika ads after logging in to their website. It is fairly simple to implement it on your website – you just need to place the codes on each page where you want the ad to appear. The ads served by Chitika are contextual and you have the option to choose if you want ads to appear only with search traffic. In this case, the ads will be served to only those visitors who come from the search results.

Here also, if you have majority of your traffic coming from US, UK and Canada, you will make good money. However, in my case, the result from Chitika has not been encouraging with poor click rate.

You can withdraw your money from PayPal or cheque. The threshold for withdrawing money for PayPal is $10 and $50 for cheque.

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A few others which does not make to top 5 but are equally good are:

If you are wondering why AdBrite is not in this list, let me inform you that they have called off their services from Feb 2013. Of course, before that they were one of the best alternatives to AdSense.

That’s all my friends. There are a lot of other networks which provides the ad services but here I am only talking about the best alternatives to AdSense. Try your luck with any of these and I am sure you would make some bucks from your website. Which ad network will work best for you will depend on many factors including traffic volume, search traffic, your niche, location, etc. and you should try with another if one does not work for you. Otherwise also, you have the option to join some of the affiliate programs related to your niche. So don’t worry if your AdSense account is not getting approved or has been banned, you have another door open here. Choose one of the Best AdSense Alternatives from the list above and carry on!


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