WordPress Admin Login URL Alternate

Sometimes it may so happen that you forget the admin login URL of your WordPress website. You have a good idea about a new post, but you can’t remember how to login to your WordPress account. And the chances are that you won’t find this URL on the website because most of the theme designers prefer not to include the URL of admin login on the WordPress main pages.


So, how to get into the admin area for accessing the WordPress dashboard? If you are looking for the login box to get logged in, here is how to get into it.

WordPress Admin Area

Getting into admin area for logging in to WordPress is really simple. You just need to include the /wp-admin after the URL of your website.

For example, if your website URL is www.yoururl.com then your admin area is


But if you don’t want to remember even wp-admin, here is good news. WordPress will automatically redirect you to the admin area even if you include just /admin after the URL of your website like this.


I am sure, it is really easy to remember and you won’t forget it anymore!

Actually both the above URLs will take you to the Login Page of WordPress which is wp-admin.php

So, if you wish to directly access the login page you can straightaway put it after the end of site.


If WordPress is in a Subfolder

If your WordPress is not located in root directory and is installed in a subfolder instead such as yoururl.com/blog, in that case also you can access the admin area like any of these:




In case you are using subdirectory to access WordPress like blog.yoururl.com, use any of the following URLs:




I am sure; you will not forget the WordPress admin login URL now. If you are still not comfortable, try to add the WordPress Meta in any of the widgets and the URL will be available in all of your WordPress pages.

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